LUCAS TELECOM is your Partner

LUCAS TELECOM proposes turnkey global solution to Carriers with providing a customised mix of equipment and services.


According to the requirements of the Customer, we can then offer an end-to-end solution with open, future-proof and competitive multiservice platforms.


Our biggest added value relies on our technical expertise maintained by permanent technology watch and training namely in the following areas:

-       IP Data Networks on Cable TV, XDSL, Fibre and Wireless (DVB-T/T2, MMDS, Wimax/LTE, Backbone Radio) networks

-       IP Security with firewall, bandwidth management and Denial of Service protection

-       Telephony IP and TDM/SS7

-       Digital Video (DVB/ATSC and IPTV), Video on Demand, Multiscreen applications


This allows LUCAS TELECOM to offer multi-vendor equipment solutions through our partners and install and maintain this equipment.


We propose a full set of Professional Services also valid for headends for which we have not deployed equipment:

-       Consulting in multi-vendor multi-technology environments

-       Design of triple-play solutions in any multiple access networks

-       Installation and Commissioning with acceptance testing

-       Independent network assessments and audits

-       Outsources day-to-day operations of the network and associated end-Customer services on behalf of our Customers

-       Product and Technology Training with customised content according to Customer requirements

-       Maintenance services with Level 1 and 2 end-to-end Technical Support on the solutions we deliver in 8x5 or 24x7 mode


Moreover in our won labs, we rebuild the solutions we have delivered in order to have the best end-Customer satisfaction.